Many of our clients have used our services in a mixture of facilities including warehouses as well as customer-facing stores. Increasingly, many of the big box stores that retain bare concrete floor slabs have taken to polishing them in order to present a more attractive and less industrial appearance to their customers. This trend has also become popular because it significantly reduces the need for concrete crack, joint repair or restoration.

Based on various studies and especially our encounters with companies that have made the decision to polish their slabs, we encourage prospective customers to ask each contractor what type of polishing procedure will they use. There are two popular methods in current usage – the dry grinding system and the wet plate systems. The dry systems utilize diamond technology to achieve the polished surface of the concrete slab with an advanced dust collection system. The wet plate system utilizes grinding stones with a water addition to achieve a slurry. While both systems can produce the appropriate result getting there is a very different process.

Durable Surfaces in Philadelphia, PA utilizes the most advanced dry polishing system with state of the art equipment to get the job done in order to minimize the time the floor is out of commission and in order to minimize the mess inherent in the refinishing process. The result is a clean process with minimal downtime and a virtually maintenance free floor.