Durable Surfaces knows what it takes to bring a food grade company into compliance with the AIB standards associated with Distribution Facilities and Food Grade processors and handlers. We use materials approved by the FDA for your repairs. Whether it is repairing shrinkage joints or surface spalls, we understand the needs associated with the AIB’s stringent requirements. Durable Surfaces can help your company repair the deficiency areas to effectively restore your company to full compliance.

Critical Requirements:

  • Floors are made of materials that are easily cleaned and kept in good repair.
  • Wall/floor junctions and corners are maintained to facilitate cleaning.
  • Concrete holes, cracks, and joints are repaired to prevent debris from lodging and to avoid pest or microbial harborage.
  • Floors are designed to meet the demands of facility operations and withstand cleaning materials and methods.
  • Floors are impervious.