Slab Evaluation

Slab Evaluations and Consulting

At Durable Surfaces, we long ago recognized the need for an analytical, reliable, and repeatable method for evaluating the condition of slabs in industrial or commercial facilities. As a well-established industry leader, Durable Surfaces is uniquely qualified to perform this evaluation. We have the capability, knowledge, experience, and expertise to identify issues at your facility and provide estimates to repair and remedy your specific challenges.

This led us to develop the industry’s first slab-evaluation protocol in 2004. This proprietary process allows our experts to perform an extensive multi-point inspection and analysis of your facility. We then can provide budget costs for immediate repairs as well as a five-year budgets for potential future maintenance. Upon completion, we’ll issue you a detailed and comprehensive proposal that outlines the steps needed and associated costs to restore your slab to industry standards. This proposal also includes the routine preventive maintenance required to preserve your slab’s up-to-industry standards.

Photographs, empirical data and field measurements will be taken and included in the DS Slab Evaluation field report. This data can then be used for immediate or future negotiation, including the process by which a benchmark is set for usage difference or in determining normal wear and tear.

We have identified three phases in the life cycle of a building where we can offer these services.

  1. Slab commissioning report – New facilities and turn over lease facilities.
  2. Slab warranty – New facilities, maintenance programs and assessment of new facilities prior to the warranty period ending.
  3. Slab assessments – Slab assessments will be done for new and old facilities; and can be used as a tool for facility purchases and sales, or for tenants to document the condition of a slab in the beginning and termination of a lease.