Joint Rebuild

Smooth joints. Smooth operations.

Does your facility use forklifts, pallet trucks, robotics, or other rolling equipment? Then take a close look at the joints between your concrete slabs. They’re especially prone to damage over time. As they spall and deteriorate, they create severe and potentially dangerous operational challenges. Damaged joints and low joint fill are the nemesis of robotic MHE’s.

The solution: a joint rebuild. Many competitors will merely fill damaged joints with repair material. The concrete repair experts at Durable Surfaces, however, use a process that results in a complete, structurally sound, restoration of your joints to like-new condition.

Your equipment runs smoothly from slab to slab. Forklift tires glide rather than dip and crawl around your facility. The increased safety and efficiency of your operations will pay dividends, and certainly cost less than waiting for problem joints to get worse.