Fmin Testing

Fmin - Stay flat and level. Stay compliant and efficient.

A quick look around your concrete flooring surface may be all it takes to know your slabs aren’t flat and level. But to know by how much—and whether they’re out of compliance—takes more than a glance. It requires precision measurement performed by expert technicians.

For defined traffic areas, such as a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA), we test Fmin. (Durable Surfaces measures floor flatness (FF) and floor levelness (FL) for random traffic areas.)  Once testing is complete, we determine how out of tolerance your slabs are and how best to repair, restore and remediate them. Using spot grinding, milling and polishing, we’ll make sure you achieve your target numbers.

Fmin - The F-min number is used to define the WORST acceptable flatness and levelness conditions in a defined aisle of traffic, to control the wheel track profiles.

It is to be used only in Defined Traffic areas, example: VNA – wire or rail guided trucks. F-min values are assigned according to the expected lift truck and rack height and this is captured by calculating both transversely (maximum cross aisle) and longitudinally (down aisle). The D-Meter, F-Meter, and Profileographs can all capture Fmin measurements which are set by the ACI 360R-10, Guide to Design of Slabs-On-Ground.