"I wanted to personally thank your team and you for your support on 07/28/2023 with a potential CO situation.  During the investigation phase of the event the team onsite lead by their manager assisted the site by monitoring the air quality and verifying the accuracy by recalibrating multiple times and ensuring proper bump testing was performed.  The team even went as far as allowing us to use the monitors while they went to a local hardware store and retrieved home CO alarms to verify readings as well. We greatly appreciate their support and commitment to not only their safety but the safety of HDC3 as well."

—Parker, Amazon, Safety Manager

"Your team was professional, kind and accommodating.  Not a combination you normally see in this arena.  The areas came out really good too.  We will definitely be contacting you guys again for more work. Thank Juan for me, He is great credit to your team."

—Kevin, Operations Manager, Penske

“The Durable Surfaces team was prompt and present when we needed them, and listened attentively while assessing our concrete needs.  The multiple floor coating systems  they installed in our plants helped us modernize while automating, provided a safer and much more durable flooring surface for manufacturing production.  Durable Surfaces has become a trusted advisor on all our present and future concrete flooring needs due to their high quality work and attention to detail.”

—David, President, Sterman Masser Inc.


"I had a conversation with your Foreman who has been fantastic to work with. I can’t say enough good things. He and his team have been very helpful and have diligently communicated every move they made."

-Peter, Senior Project Manager, Romark Logistics


"Thanks for getting to this in such record time! The guys were great and were able to complete today. I must add, that the crew there today was outstanding, listened, and did what they were told to do, in a very professional manner."

-Brent, Project Manager, Commerce Construction


"As a Senior CM of the #1 Seller in America and around the world it is essential that we have dedicated contractors prepared and willing to go above and beyond their boundaries to set a new standard as we are constantly pushing the envelope to service the needs of America. 2020 has been a difficult year for us all. As an essential service during this pandemic it is extremely important that we constantly and consistently build our facilities to our high standards while more than doubling our locations. Durable Surfaces has met those requirements and superseded our expectations. Always easy to communicate with and always flexible when meeting our ever changing needs throughout the project while always providing “durable surfaces” that we can depend on at our facilities. I look forward to working with DS for years to come!"

 -Senior Configuration Manager, Amazon 


"Durables surface completed our concrete floor repairs. Some 17000 bolts holes from distribution center racking systems as well as several long crack in the flooring. The team was thorough, flexible, willing to adjust to the various projects all going on at the same time. Jerry Winters was our project rep. He scoped the project, provide the quotes, scheduled, adjusted that schedule multiple times, and covered all the bases and more for our site. Professional at its finest. Everyone was happy with the work quality, timing, and thoroughness the entire team showed from start to finish. Our experience could not have gone better."

-Jeffrey, EDC Manager, Ledvance 


"The team at Durable was on time and on budget for our commercial job covering 300,000 square feet of a concrete warehouse floor in South NJ that is 30 years old and in need of improvements. We also needed a 65,000 sq ft drive lane finish polished and the work was excellent. Great team!!"

-Avril, Site Superintendent, Glenn H. Johnson Construction


"Durable Surfaces was referred to me for a tricky floor repair. A threshold between two sections of my warehouse was destroyed from heavy wire-guided PIT traffic, no concrete contractor would touch it. I connected with Durable's Project Manager on a Tuesday, by Friday that week the job was done. Clean cuts, caulked seams, a smooth solid surface, and full integrity restored for our guide wire system. Outstanding service, would absolutely recommend."

-Ed, District Design Manager, Ethan Allen