Green Solutions - Our Commitment

Here at Durable Surfaces, we believe every individual who works for us, has the duty to be good caretakers of the environment in which we live. We aim to use eco-friendly processes and chemicals to effectively get the job done, while keeping our world safe. A motto we live by is: "We take a dirty job - and make it cleaner."

To help the community, Durable Surfaces is committed to a “greener” solution in all aspects of concrete repair work. The list below is some of the ways in which we live up to this commitment, and it won't stop here:

• Slurry Monster - our slurry removal system.

• The use of electrical equipment vs. combustible engines. 

• The proper handling, labeling, storage, and disposal of concrete repair and resinous chemicals.

• The use of top-of-the-line dust management systems. 

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

• Low VOC Chemicals - we only use chemicals that are not harmful to the environment.