Our story began over 20 years ago, following conversations with business owners, in the concrete industry, who were struggling to fix clients concrete that was damaged during the construction phase or after.  With that little spark, Durable Surfaces began as a small concrete repair and restoration company with the singular focus of professionally repairing damaged concrete.  Throughout the past 20 years, Durable has been committed to expanding and refining its knowledge base, while also expanding our service offerings.

From our humbled beginnings, we have grown into installing high performance resinous coating systems for clean rooms, stabilizing concrete in 1 million square foot warehouses, to being an industry leader at testing and conditioning concrete slabs for AI robotic systems.  Looking back at the last 20 years, we are filled with pride from the accomplishments and growth we have experienced as a team, but more importantly, as a family. We look forward to seeing continued growth and achievements for Durable Surfaces over the next 20 years.