Surface Preparation

The remedy your slab needs, no matter its' condition.

Mastics, glues and black tar? Vinyl, carpeting and tiling? We’ve seen it all, and we can remove it all—and more—from your concrete flooring surfaces. No matter the size of your facility, you can rely on the experts at Durable Surfaces to ready your slabs for use.

To protect your surface after preparation, we can also seal it to mitigate moisture penetration. Either way, you’ll be left with clean slabs prepared for immediate use or applications of smooth VCT or epoxy coatings and polish.

   • Mastic and Coating Removal

Flooring choices change over time and sometimes coating systems fail. When the flooring changes from carpet, tile, or LVP there is mastic (adhesive) that needs to be removed for new flooring options to be installed. If a coating system was improperly installed or the incorrect system was installed for its environment, the system will fail. Depending on the failure, removal is the only option. These issues can only be corrected through grinding, milling, and/or scarifying the impacted area.

    • Concrete Milling

It is unsettling to see your forklifts getting stuck or coming dangerously close to losing balance on a curled or unleveled slab. You know it is a potential disaster waiting to happen, and a distraction to your lift operators – not to mention a safety issue and an easy way to damage inventory. Milling is a great way to smooth and level your floors, bringing heightened safety and operational efficiencies to your facility.

     • Grinding

Our fleet of planetary grinders and ride on trowels restore your conventional, ductilcrete, or suspended slabs’ concrete surfaces to like-new or better condition. By the time we are finished, they’ll be ready for a high-level seal and polish that can’t be achieved otherwise.

     • Scarifying

When the need to remove lots of material, like coatings or concrete, in little time, scarifying is the solution. They remove brittle coatings and substantial amounts of concrete more quickly than other methods. The process also leaves behind striations that prepare your slabs for further treatment. If you need a CSP of 4 or higher scarifying is the best choice. Between Milling, grinding, and scarifying, Durable Surfaces brings more options to take down your concrete surfaces.

     • Shotblasting

Ready your concrete slabs for durable epoxy or other coatings with shot blasting. This slab preparation technique employs high-velocity steel shot—all contained within a hardened-steel cylinder—to generate a new concrete surface profile (CSP). The enclosed blast chamber uses HEPA filtration to collect dust and leave you with clean surfaces ready for the installation of your new flooring. Durable Surfaces will achieve the CSP your slabs need for whichever coating or flooring selection comes next. Whether grounded or suspended, you can be sure our choice of tools and techniques will consider all variables.

Make your next surface coating last with the right preparation...Call Durable Surfaces today.